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Pennsylvania Real Property Tax Assessment Appeal Deadlines

Client Alert - June 29, 2011

By Alexander Barth

Is your real estate tax assessment for tax year 2012 correct? In the last five (5) years we have seen the bottom fall out of an overheated real estate market. If your property has not been re-assessed to take into account the reduction of real estate values since 2007, your real property tax assessment may need to be adjusted. There has never been a better time to take stock of your personal and corporate real estate holdings and determine if you should appeal your real estate assessment(s) for tax year 2012. But your time to file an appeal may be running out.

Please be aware of each county's tax assessment appeal deadline:

       Berks County       August 15, 2011

       Bucks County       August 1, 2011

       Chester                 August 1, 2011

       Dauphin                August 1, 2011

       Delaware              August 1, 2011

       Lackawanna        September 1, 2011

       Lancaster             August 1, 2011 

       Lehigh                   August 1, 2011

       Luzerne                 September 1, 2011

       Montgomery         September 1, 2011

       Monroe                  September 1, 2011

       Northampton        August 1, 2011 

       Philadelphia         October 2, 2011

If you would like to discuss filing a tax assessment appeal, please contact Alexander F. Barth, Esq. at or 215.564.1700.