Client Alert
June 10, 2010
Bill on Dispute Resolution Passes in the House

The House of Representatives passed in a 40 to 1 vote, House Bill 400, an act to amend Title 6 of the Delaware Code.  This new act makes void any provision in a contract, agreement or understanding relating to construction work that would make litigation, mediation, arbitration or other alternative dispute resolution processes subject to the laws of a state other than Delaware, or requires the parties to litigate or engage in alternative dispute resolution in a state other than Delaware.  A copy of HB 400 can be found here.

Clients who have projects affected by this act, should consult counsel immediately, to make sure all legal needs are taken care of by the State of Delaware, and all projects will continue to fall under the correct ordinances as they move forward.

Edward Seglias, managing partner of the Delaware office of Cohen Seglias, was instrumental in drafting and proposing the legislation.

If you have any questions regarding HB 400, please contact Edward Seglias at (302) 425-5089 or


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