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Arguments Held in Challenge to Environmental Regs

The Bradford Era - April 8, 2016

Partner Chris Carusone was mentioned in the Bradford Era article "Arguments held in challenge to environmental regs," in regards to his representation of the Pennsylvania Independent Petroleum Producers Association in their lawsuit against the state Department of Environmental Protection. The full article is available on the Bradford Era website.

By: Marcie Schellhammer

Arguments were held in Commonwealth Court in Harrisburg on Thursday in a legal challenge to environmental regulations for oil and gas production.

The challenge came from the Pennsylvania Independent Petroleum Producers Association (PIPP) against a proposed set of regulations for conventional and unconventional oil and gas production.

The suit is against the state Department of Environmental Protection, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Environmental Quality Board and Independent Regulatory Review Commission.

The Petroleum Producers group, lead by president Mark Cline of Cline Oil, is represented by Harrisburg attorney Christopher Carusone of Cohen Seglias Pallas Greenhall & Furman. They are alleging that a group of regulations designed to protect the environment from unconventional drillers will in fact cause serious financial hardship to the already struggling, small conventional oil producers.

And that the regulations were not created separately for the conventional and unconventional producers, as is required by current Pennsylvania law.

“We were very well represented by our attorney,” Cline said Thursday evening of the day’s arguments. “Even the judge said that."

To read the full article, please visit the Bradford Era website.