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Here’s Why This Lawyer Defends Scientists Accused of Misconduct

Retraction Watch - June 28, 2016

Partner Paul Thaler was interviewed by Shannon Palus for the Retraction Watch interview, "Here’s Why This Lawyer Defends Scientists Accused of Misconduct." The interview highlights Paul's work in the Scientific Misconduct practice area and why he believes everyone deserves an advocate. The full interview is available on the Retraction Watch website.

By: Shannon Palus

More scientists are trying to settle accusations of misconduct in court, a trend very familiar to Washington, DC-based lawyer Paul Thaler. Regular readers may recall the name of one of Thaler’s clients — Rakesh Kumar, a scientist at George Washington University who filed an $8 million lawsuit for how the school handled an investigation into his work. He’s also representing Bharat Aggarwal, the subject of an investigation at MD Anderson who has threatened to sue us (and logged his ninth retraction this week). For 25 years, Thaler has been representing scientists embroiled in misconduct proceedings. He spoke to us about his family’s highly pedigreed background in science, and why everyone deserves an advocate.  

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