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"Trials and Tribulations" - A Roundtable Discussion

SmartCEO - June 2012

Edward Seglias participated in a roundtable discussion on recent legislative changes and business law, sponsored by SmartCEO Magazine.

An article based on the discussion, "Trials and Tribulations" was published in the June issue of SmartCEO and a podcast of the entire session was also posted.

Discussion topic included: 

Legal Industry Trends: Some law firms are taking a cue from the businesses they represent in terms of how they run their own firms. What have you learned from a client that has changed the way you do business?

Employment: Growing companies may need to bring on additional employees and/or contractors. What is a common mistake you see employers making during the hiring process that could cause them to run afoul of the law?

Exit Planning: Many CEOs are growing their businesses with an eye toward an eventual sale. What can a business owner do before and during the sale process that will ensure he or she gets the best results?

Real estate: Expanding companies may need additional space. What legal issues should a CEO understand in advance of purchasing or leasing real estate?

Intellectual Property and Trademarks: What should a CEO do to avoid leaving their trademarks, copyrights, patents and other intellectual property exposed to infringement?

Sources of finance: As a company grows, it may look to outside financing from a bank or investor. When selecting and negotiating terms with a financial partner, what advice would you give a CEO?

State and Local Law: For CEOs who do business in the greater Philadelphia area, are there any new or proposed local or state laws that might be of consequence?