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Cohen Seglias has long practiced in the area of Surety law with attorneys representing sureties since its founding in 1988. Upon this foundation, our attorneys have continued to build a strong surety practice representing sureties on construction projects where they have issued bid bonds, payment bonds, performance bonds and maintenance bonds. On both public and private projects, Cohen Seglias attorneys have managed the complex issues facing sureties and have done so while keeping our focus on cost-effective strategies.

Cohen Seglias is adept at handling bonding company issues from initial involvement to resolution. These skills include:

  • Claim Analysis
  • Negotiating and drafting takeover agreements
  • Assisting in default and termination conferences with owners and contractors
  • Drafting and negotiating completion contracts
  • Mediating, arbitrating and/or litigating complex matters
  • Handling construction trust fund cases
  • Navigating through the Bankruptcy Code to secure the surety's rights

Furthermore, Cohen Seglias' skills do not end at judgment. Our attorneys are also accomplished in the laws surrounding subrogation, indemnification and collection.

What Cohen Seglias provides a surety that many other firms may not is real world experience and strategy. Not only does Cohen Seglias know the law, it knows construction. Such 'boots on the ground' experience allows us to assist bonding companies to achieve the best outcomes possible by being able to determine the issues facing a troubled project as quickly as possible. Such experience allows a surety to mitigate its losses, find the best replacement contractors, satisfy its obligees and make the right legal and business decisions as cost effectively as possible.