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We have considerable experience in this little-understood field because each of our practice leaders formerly worked for the Corps of Engineers, the agency that designs and awards nearly every federal dredging project. During the last 25 years, our attorneys have represented more dredging contractors than any other law firm in the country.

We effectively represent the interests of dredging contractors - both large and small - because we understand the technical aspects of dredging. We know the difference between a hopper dredge, a hydraulic dredge, and a mechanical dredge. We understand the production capabilities of various dredges and the technologies that are involved in the dredging process.

We know the issues unique to the dredging industry that create havoc for contractors, such as unexpected site conditions - for example, encountering rock or clay instead of soil - or flawed specifications that restrict blasting where it is ultimately necessary.

Although our lawyers have been involved in leading dredging cases that have been decided by the boards of contract appeals and the courts, our strategy is to settle without litigation whenever possible. We have the technical expertise to present data needed to support requests for equitable adjustment and technical changes.