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Insurance Coverage & Risk Management

The Insurance Coverage and Risk Management Group counsels clients on a wide range of issues related to analyzing and managing insured and non-insured business risks. This includes analyzing the risks associated with various contractual clauses, including indemnification and insurance requirements, and assisting clients in developing a prudent risk management program that seeks to minimize uninsured claims.

We also help our clients minimize the risk of coverage denials, and negotiate with insurance carriers to trigger insurance coverage once a claim is received. After coverage has been triggered and the insurance carrier has agreed to defend the litigation under what is referred to as a reservation of rights, we monitor the litigation as it proceeds. This ensures that counsel appointed by the insurance carrier properly defends the claim, and acts in the best interests of our client. The goal is to make sure that, at the end of the day, there is coverage available to pay for the settlement, or the verdict, if the case is tried.

Of course, if negotiations fail to achieve a satisfactory resolution of a coverage dispute with an insurance company, we litigate to obtain coverage for our clients. This includes defending clients in actions brought by insurance companies to deny coverage, or prosecuting an action on behalf of a client seeking to obtain coverage.

Cohen Seglias' insurance coverage and risk management expertise, combined with our knowledge of the construction industry from years of representing contractors, not only provides our clients with the resources they need to properly manage risks to avoid claims, but also to successfully litigate to obtain coverage if that becomes necessary.


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