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Business Succession

Planning for the future of your business is an essential part of any business owner’s long-term vision. With proper succession planning, you can eliminate stress and financial difficulties in the transfer of ownership or management of a company and help to preserve the company name, foundation and value.

At Cohen Seglias, we work with business owners of all sizes to create succession plans through legal contracts such as business continuation agreements or buy-sell agreements, which provide terms for the distribution of a business interest in the event of the owner’s death, disability, retirement or planned withdrawal, this includes appropriate plan documents.

Our Wealth Preservation team can help you to:

  • Determine a proper successor – Deciding who will be the heir of the business can be a tough process, whether it is a family member, current or future employee, friend, or outside buyer, we can help weigh the options to make the best possible decision.
  • Develop a retirement plan – We want to help make sure you are covered after the succession plan is in place. We will help to determine your retirement needs, as well as the actual value of the business, and ensure the plan protect you and your family.
  • Facilitate a smooth transition for ownership and ensure continuous business operation - The worst thing that can happen to any business is an interruption of operation. We will make sure that your business does not suffer during the transition process.
  • Minimize tax penalties – There are many tax implications involved in the transfer or sale of a business. We can help navigate the tax penalties and minimize the costs to you.
  • Work smoothly with all of your advisors, as a team, to cover all aspects of your plan.


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