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A Credit Manager's Guide to the Top 10 Credit Application Provisions

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Business Credit Magazine  - May 1, 2014

By: Evan Blaker
As a commercial collection attorney, I have the benefit of seeing and analyzing credit applications from a wide array of clients. However, by the time I receive and review a credit application, usually my client?s customer is in arrears and whatever rights my client reserved for itself were established long before. In this piece, I share some contract provisions that allow me to be the most effective when collecting delinquent commercial accounts. In the spirit of a particular late night talk show host, what follows is my top ten list of credit application provisions that can place you in the best possible position to ward off common defenses and collect the funds that are due to your company.
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"A Credit Manager's Guide to the Top," was published in the May 2014 issue of Business Credit Magazine.