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EIA 2012 National Conference & Exposition

March 24, 2012 - San Diego

Lane Kelman will be presenting at the Environmental Information Association's 2012 National Conference and Exposition, on current trends in green building, the environmental industry and building development: brownfield redevelopment, LEED, & liabilities.

This session discusses the interrelationship between the current trends in Green Building, the environmental industry and building development, covering all phases of construction. Specifically, it will address Brownfield Redevelopment as it relates to construction site selection, LEED credits for the use of low emitting materials, indoor chemical & pollutant source control, indoor air quality management planning, LEED pilot credits related to hazardous materials and the effect of hazardous material remediation on LEED building reuse credits. Finally, it will provide an overview of potential areas of liability in green building.