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Key Concepts in Federal Contract Subcontracting

June 22, 2018 - Webinar

12:00-1:00 PM EDT

Maria Panichelli and Bob Ruggieri could not attend this year's Business Growth Symposium and are now offering their presentations in webinar format to the Symposium's attendees. On June 22, Maria and Bob are presenting "Key Concepts in Federal Contract Subcontracting".

In the unique world of federal government contracting, subcontracts can be a tricky business. In this webinar, Maria Panichelli and Bob Ruggieri will cover the essential subcontracting issues from the perspectives of both prime contractors and subcontractors on federal construction projects. They will discuss the negotiation of subcontract clauses, including mandatory FAR flow-downs and other critical provisions including disputes and payment clauses. The presenters will also explain how to handle upstream claims against the owner, detailing how to navigate the pass-through claim process and the negotiation of liquidating agreements. Finally, this webinar will describe the unique challenges and special protections offered to construction subcontractors in particular, as attendees are walked through the procedures – and common pitfalls - relating to Miller Act claims.