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NECA Annual Convention: Just Because You Are Right, Doesn't Mean You Will Win

September 28, 2014 - Chicago, IL

Roy Cohen will be presenting at the NECA Annual Convention on the topic Just Because Your Are Right, Doesn’t Mean You Will Win - The Do’s & Don’ts for Electrical Contractors.  This will be held on September 28th in Chicago, IL.

Time is money and construction projects rarely finish on time. That’s why it is not a matter of whether you will be impacted on a given project, it is only a matter of when you will be impacted. Did you know that your potential loss on a project has little to do with the overall size of the project or contract? In this seminar, held at the NECA Annual Convention in Chicago, Roy will detail the ground rules for electrical contractors using case studies based on real clients and actual events. Join us for some straight talk with no legalese.