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Real Estate 101: Buying and Selling Residential Real Property

Summer series 2012

Learn the fundamentals of a residential real estate transaction from your client's first encounter with a real estate broker through funding the deal at closing.

Partner Steve Williams will be among the speakers on the Real Estate panel, sponsored by the Pennsylvania Bar Institute. This program is geared towards those with little or no experience in residential real estate and will cover the nuts and bolts of buying and selling residential property, how to best represent your client whether they are a buyer or seller, some tips on how to work well with other professionals involved in a real estate deal, and some ideas on what to do when you client comes to you after they have signed a contract. Learn from experienced attorneys about the common pitfalls and local quirks that can derail a deal and how to handle surprises at closing. Most importantly, learn enough to know what you don't know and how to find out what your client needs to know before closing a residential deal.

Topics include:

*Pre-agreement of Sale
*Agreement of Sale
*Due Diligence /Sellers Disclosure
*Financing/Closing Documents
*Fair Housing/RESPA
*Short sales

For dates and locations and to register, please visit The Pennsylvania Bar Institue Website.