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Widener Professional Development Day - The Legal Process

October 24, 2017 - Chester, PA

On October 24, Chris Carusone is participating in the Widener University Commonwealth Law School Professional Development Day, teaching the "Legislative Process" program with Megan Martin, Secretary-Parliamentarian of the Pennsylvania Senate.

The Legislative Process – the Governor’s Office and General Assembly Perspective

This session will provide an overview of the legislative process in Pennsylvania and the role the Commonwealth attorneys play during the process – from bill introduction to enactment. The panel will provide insight into the budget negotiation process and common legal issues that emerge during the process. You will hear from a former Secretary of Legislative Affairs for Governor Corbett, who will discuss the development of legislation in the Governor’s Office. You will also hear from a member of the Senate, who will provide an overview of the legislative session of the Senate and legal issues that have arisen related to the Parliamentarian rules.