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Widener Professional Development Day - The Legal Process

October 24, 2017

On October 24th, Chris Carusone is participating in the Widener University Commonwealth Law School Professional Development Day, teaching the "Legislative Process" program with Megan Martin, Secretary-Parliamentarian of the Pennsylvania Senate.

The Legislative Process – the Governor’s Office and General Assembly Perspective

This session will provide an overview of the legislative process in Pennsylvania and the role the Commonwealth attorneys play during the process – from bill introduction to enactment. The panel will provide insight into the budget negotiation process and common legal issues that emerge during the process. You will hear from a former Secretary of Legislative Affairs for Governor Corbett, who will discuss the development of legislation in the Governor’s Office. You will also hear from a member of the Senate, who will provide an overview of the legislative session of the Senate and legal issues that have arisen related to the Parliamentarian rules.