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WIPP Give Me 5: Special Unit - Construction Unit - FAR 101 - Part 1 Webinar

November 12, 2014

Jennifer Horn and Maria Panichelli will be presenting a webinar on November 12th at 2:00pm. This will be given for WIPP Give Me 5: Construction Unit on the topic FAR 101 - Part 1, The Fundamentals of the Federal Acquisition Regulations and Federal Procurement: The Bidding Process. 

Whether you are new to federal contracting, or have been contracting with the government for years, the Federal Acquisition Regulations, or “FAR”, can be rather confusing. This is especially true in the construction context, where concepts originally intended for use in supply or other service contracts are applied to yield unanticipated consequences. This Webinar will focus on improving your understanding of the FAR (and agency supplements thereto) and its application in the construction context, with a focus on the bidding process for both sealed bidding and negotiated procurement. A great introduction for a beginner wishing to break into the construction market, and a useful refresher for experienced federal contractors, this webinar seeks to teach all attendees how successfully navigate the federal procurement process to secure more federal contract awards. 

The webinar can be found here