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    Construction Law Now Blog

    Blog Category: New Jersey

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    Labor & Employment
    Breastfeeding Discrimination Banned by Pivotal Amendment to NJLAD

    Breastfeeding is now a protected act and category under New Jersey’s Law Against Discrimination (“NJLAD”). Employers are prohibited from discriminating against an employee in compensation, hiring, or firing because they breastfeed. ...

    Labor & Employment
    A Response to the #MeToo Movement: NJ Bill Tightens Position on Employment Agreements

    Last month a bill was introduced to the New Jersey State Assembly (A-5287) by Assemblymen John McKeon (Essex and Morris) and Jon Bramnick (Morris, Somerset, and Union) that would bar provisions in employment contracts that waive any substantive or ...

    New Jersey
    A Deal on New Jersey’s Transportation Trust Fund: What Does it Mean for Affected Contractors?
    BY Shawn R. Farrell, Jennifer R. Budd

    As a follow-up to our July post on New Jersey state budget problems threatening public construction projects, the political fight over funding New Jersey’s Transportation Trust Fund (“TTF”) finally ended on September 30, 2016. ...

    NJ Supreme Court Gets it Right! Consequential Damages Caused by a Subcontractor’s Defective Construction Work is Insured
    BY Jonathan A. Cass, Rene David Quinlan

    [Note from the Editor: Due to an inadvertent editing error, omitted from our post entitled NJ Supreme Court Gets It Right! Consequential Damages Caused By A Subcontractor’s Defective Construction Work Is Insured was the fact that the property ...

    New Jersey
    State Budget Problems Threatening Public Construction Projects: 5 Key Points to Remember
    BY Brian A. Lawton, Jennifer R. Budd

    Over the past year, many states experienced budget crises that threaten public works spending and, in some cases, caused entire project shut downs. In Pennsylvania, a stalemate over the budget for Fiscal Year 2016-2017 lasted almost nine months, ...

    Beware: New Rigorous Safety Sweeps of NYC Construction Sites to Begin
    BY George E. Pallas

    On February 12, 2016, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and New York City Department of Buildings Commissioner Rick Chandler announced a new aggressive campaign to improve worker safety on construction sites. Specifically, commencing next Tuesday, ...

    New Jersey Supreme Court to Consider Important Public Bidding Case – Practical Considerations for Contractors

    In April, the New Jersey Supreme Court agreed to review the case of Waste Management of New Jersey, Inc. v. Mercer County Improvement Authority.  The matter concerns a defect in a bid submitted under the New Jersey Public Contracts Law ...

    New Jersey
    Recent New Jersey Supreme Court Case Drastically Affects Mediation: What You Need to Know
    BY Anthony L. Byler, Kathleen M. Morley

    In the construction industry, mediation has become an extremely popular vehicle for resolving disputes that develop during and after projects. It is particularly appealing because (i) it can provide an early opportunity for the parties to resolve a ...

    New Jersey
    New Jersey Supreme Court Sheds Light on Liability for Latent Construction Defects

    A few weeks ago, the New Jersey Supreme Court issued a decision that could have a profound effect on members of New Jersey’s construction community.  In Town of Kearny v. Louis F. Brandt, the Court issued two major holdings: (i) under New ...

    New Jersey
    SBA Resource Partners Receive $19 Million to Support Hurricane Sandy Small Business Recovery Efforts
    BY Shawn R. Farrell

    On April 11, 2013, the United States Small Business Administration (SBA) announced that $19 million in grants will be made to SBA resource partners to support small business recovery in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. The funding is part of a package ...