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    Blog Category: Mechanics’ Liens

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    Mechanics' Liens
    The ABCs of Mechanics’ Liens in Washington, DC

    Welcome back to our DMV Construction Law Series, where we examine a different set of legal issues important to contractors each month. For our second installment, we briefly examine certain key parts of Washington, DC’s mechanics’ lien law that ...

    Mechanics' Liens
    Mechanic’s Liens in DC, Maryland, and Virginia – Don’t Wait to Exercise Your Rights

    Welcome to the DMV Construction Law Series, where each month we will examine a different set of legal issues important to contractors. Our first entry in the series discusses the timing of filing mechanic’s liens. Future posts will explore ...

    New Jersey
    90-Day Delay: Why NJ Contractors Should File Construction Lien Claims Early
    BY Matthew L. Erlanger

    “There’s no time like the present”—cliché or not, this may become the new rule for when contractors should file their New Jersey lien claims during the pandemic, and probably after. Unlike lawsuits and other legal actions, New Jersey liens ...

    Mechanics' Liens
    Remember the Pennsylvania Construction Notices Directory? It Still Exists… and Matters
    BY Daniel E. Fierstein

    I am proud to say this blog post has nothing to do with the coronavirus pandemic, but rather a simpler time. The year was 2017. Construction was thriving, and “social distancing” was not part of the lexicon. That year, Pennsylvania rolled out ...

    Mechanics' Liens
    Webinar Recap: How to Get Paid – Tips and Tricks for Construction Companies in DC, MD, and VA
    BY Jackson S. Nichols

    I hope you enjoyed my recent webinar on payment techniques for contractors in DC, Maryland, and Virginia. If you missed it, you can access the recording here. Below are some of the highlights: Payment Techniques Traditional payment techniques for ...

    Mechanics' Liens
    It’s Official: PA Construction Notices Directory Is Up and Running
    BY Jason A. Copley, Daniel E. Fierstein

    By now, you have probably heard enough from us about the new changes to the Pennsylvania Mechanics’ Lien Law. If a newsletter article and several blog posts were not enough, here is one more reminder that the long-anticipated Pennsylvania ...

    Mechanics' Liens
    PA Construction Notices Directory Goes Live December 31, 2016

    The new — and much anticipated — Pennsylvania State Construction Notices Directory (“Directory”) is expected to go live this December 31. With this rollout, the PA legislature will have established a statewide directory system for ...

    Cohen Seglias News & Events
    Ignorance is not Bliss: Construction Contract Provisions You Need to Know
    BY Kerstin Isaacs

    On February 11, join Roy Cohen, Ed Seglias, and Jackson Nichols at the Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors National Association (SMACNA) Mid-Atlantic Chapter in Greenbelt, MD for their presentation, “Ignorance is not Bliss: ...

    Carpenters’ Company Master Builder Dialogues: Building the Buildings of the Future
    BY Kerstin Isaacs

    Please join us tomorrow, 11/4, for Shawn Farrell‘s presentation “Construction Disputes: Lessons Learned” at the Carpenters’ Company of City and County of Philadelphia’s Master Builder Dialogues. Shawn Farrell has ...

    Mechanics' Liens
    2014 A Busy Year for Pennsylvania Mechanics’ Lien Law: More New Changes Take Effect

    When it comes to the Pennsylvania Mechanics’ Lien Law (Lien Statute), the Pennsylvania legislature was quite active in 2014.  In July, Governor Corbett signed into law certain changes to the Lien Statute affecting residential lien rights and ...