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    Construction Law Now Blog

    Blog Category: Design and Technology

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    Trademark & Copyright Law
    The Hidden Risk in Design-Build Project Negotiations: Copyrights
    BY Anthony H. Chwastyk

    Of the countless issues contractors face on a construction project, immediate problems like scheduling, workforce, payment, and materials supply often overshadow intellectual property concerns. But, they shouldn’t—especially for the design-build ...

    Design and Technology
    Still “Up in the Air”: More Drones and More Regulations

    In a previous post, we wrote about drones (which are more formally referred to as “unmanned aircraft systems” or UAS), as well as the nascent federal and state statutory and regulatory framework. Since our last article, drone use – as ...

    Can a Contractor Sue a Design Professional Without a Contract? Not in Maryland
    BY Steven M. Williams

    In some states, courts allow contractors to sue design professionals for negligence even in the absence of a contract. In others, like Maryland, courts apply a rule known as the Economic Loss Rule (ELR) to bar such claims. Courts apply the ELR when, ...

    Design and Technology
    Up in the Air: Drones and the Future of the Construction Job Site
    BY Edward Seglias, Robert J. O’Brien

    Unmanned aerial vehicles, commonly referred to as “drones,” are appearing more frequently in the skies over construction project sites. Drones typically operate from a handheld device, such as an iPhone, and can be connected to a Wi-Fi ...

    Design and Technology
    Are Apps Taking Over the Construction Industry?

    Loyal readers will recall our previous discussion regarding the prevalence of tablets and iPads on construction project sites.  As the industry becomes increasingly connected, user-friendly apps for mobile devices are changing the way contractors ...

    Potential for Design-Build Bidding At the New Jersey Turnpike Authority – What You Need to Know
    BY Jennifer R. Budd, George E. Pallas

    By: Jennifer R. Budd and George E. Pallas A bill allowing the New Jersey Turnpike Authority (“NJTA”) to enter into design-build contracts has been introduced in the New Jersey Assembly (A1561) and the Senate (S1211). The NJTA is the entity ...

    Design and Technology
    Electronic Document Retention: How You Are Handling E-Documents Can Be Critical to Your Company’s Survival
    BY Lane F. Kelman

    Construction today is not your father’s industry. With the growing use of electronic forms of communication and document creation, the rules have changed. Businesses continue to strive for a paperless office. Now, rather than drowning in ...

    Design and Technology
    Are Tablet Computers Taking Over the Construction Site?

    By: Jennifer M. Horn Construction owners and managers are utilizing computer tablets such as the iPad more and more on the job site to help streamline business. Engineering News Record posted a video clip and article about a few construction ...

    Design and Technology
    New Technology Launched to Monitor Heat Risks

    By: Jennifer M. Horn The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has launched a new smart phone application that will “enable workers and supervisors to monitor the heat index at their work sites in order to prevent heat-related ...

    Cohen Seglias News & Events
    We Need Technology to Boost Our Traffic Management

    “Technology has transformed dozens of ways we interact with the world. How we communicate, learn, work, entertain, and provide for ourselves have all been radically altered by computers, sensors, and software. One area where technology is ...